About Me

Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Lola and I enjoy all things domestic: cooking, decorating, and everything which leaves pins and thread covering all available surfaces! I'm also a pop culture nerd and I love 20th Century history. I love learning and I'm teaching myself a couple of languages as well as anything else which interests me!

I'm an aspiring costume designer with a love for high fashion. Unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch far enough for that, so I make most of my own clothes, inspired by couture and high fashion pieces.

I live in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, and I love travelling around Australia and the world. I spent six months in Europe when I was 21 which was the best experience of my life and something I refer to constantly!

I'm beginning the process of simplifying my life, I'm not sure how I'll do it or how it will work out, but I'd love to share the journey!