Monday, 16 January 2012

My Growing Family

On Saturday I was lucky enought to bring home the newest member of my family. Benedict is 11 years old and a purebred Siamese. His owner had to move into aged care and he had been living at Animal Aid in Victoria until this weekend.

Well of course it was love at first sight. His big blue eyes and beautful cafe au lait coat make him a very handsome old man. At the shelter he was too confortable in his hidey-hole and wouldn't come out without the fright of the spray bottle, but we eventually nabbed him and settled him down in his cardboard carrier with a blanket and a handful of treats, ready for the long drive home.

He spent most of the weekend hiding under my bed, and yowling all night keeping me awake, but he's settled in more now, and we are enjoying getting to know one another and sharing some company.

It is such a wonderful feeling bringing home a rescue pet, not only because of the new addition to your own family, but also knowing that you are providing them with a new comfortable home. It's often found with rescue pets that they really do know that they've been 'rescued', and while they might be a little shy at first, in time they grow to love you with a gratitude that only adopted pets know.

If anyone is looking to add a new member to the family, I hope that you'll seriously consider adopting from a shelter or rescue centre. The RSPCA is a good place to start, but googling ''pet adoption" in your state should come up with a number of pet shelters with some beautiful new faces and personalities ready to love you.

Have you ever adopted a pet from a shelter? What was your experience?

Lola xo

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