Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Oh mah gawd it has been so hot here it's like I've been drunk all week. Also getting drunk on Sunday night didn't help. I can barely think let alone type, and my evenings have consisted of: get home, sit, take of all clothes, sit, crawl to kitchen and sit in front of open fridge, decide on eating Light and Tangy chips and tzatziki, sit, lie down, sit, watch television, gaze longingly at the pile of sewing I want to sew and the drawing I want to do, then leer hatefully at my sweaty hands which inhibit me from doing anything that doesn't involve putting a flannel in a bowl of ice water and then putting that on my face.

Luckily tomorrow I'm jetting over to Wellington for a mini-break, where I can enjoy some decent weather (19 and cloudy? yes please!) and allow my cells a chance to heal.

Be warned now, travel and food pictures impending.

Happy Second Paid Sleep-In Day Of The Year for tomorrow!

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