Friday, 6 January 2012


I love Fridays. Even when you're on holiday there is something magical about waking up on Friday morning and going "yeah, it's Friday" and then sleeping in for an extra five minutes because, damn it, it's Friday and you can.

This morning marked the end of my first week of running. As I've mentioned before I'm using the Get Running app to get me started. It's a nine-week program, building up to running for thirty minutes straight. Of course, that's a long way away, and week one is all about gently urging yourself into getting up early three days a week and moving around for thirty minutes instead of sleeping in, drinking tea and watching kids shows on ABC3. Ahem, that would be of course for other people because I don't watch Power Rangers every day, obviously.

Anyway, this week's game has been: walk for five minutes to warm up, run for one minute, walk for 90 seconds, and repeat eight times. Then walk for five minutes and stretch. Taking a half-hour out of my Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings is surprisingly easy. I thought getting started (especially as I'm on my own and not in a group) would be the hardest part and that I'd ease into actually enjoying it. In reality, it's been the opposite. The feeling of self-accomplishment when I make half-way, then finish the set, is wonderful, and the smiley-phone voice of the app saying "excellent!" makes me grin like an idiot. Thankfully this happens at 6:30 a.m. in Carlton so no one is around to witness.

Not to mention, knowing that I get to sleep in all weekend is so worth it.

Speaking of the weekend, have I mentioned how pleased I am it's finally AlmostSaturday? The first week back at work after holidays is the pits. To celebrate, I get to do all kinds of grown-uppy stuff like going to the market and cleaning my apartment and doing laundry.

To better deal with this, here's Arizona Muse on the new cover or Vogue UK looking sunny and perfect as usual:
Thanks to Fashionista
How will you be spending your weekend? Has your first week of Resolutions been successful or a total waste of time?

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